Solid-wood floor boards are mostly used in summerhouses, however recently it is becoming more popular to place them in residential homes as well – especially when planning to have a Scandinavian style interior. Solid-wood floor boards are exceptional for they are natural and easy to maintain. If a special treatment is chosen and they are aged or brushed – you will get exclusive flooring, which will make your home exceptional.

Terrace boards are used for laying balconies and terraces when aiming for natural materials. A wooden terrace is perfect to walk about bare-foot because it gives a feeling of being closer to nature. Terrace and floor board prices depend on the treatment type and chosen wood:

Floor boards – from 11,58 EUR/sqm excl. VAT

Terrace boards – from 10,13 EUR/sqm excl. VAT (pine, spruce)
Terrace boards – from 14,18 EUR/sqm excl. VAT (Siberian larch)

Below you will find several examples of the treatment types we offer:

Planed pine floor boards  Aged & brushed pine floor boards Siberian larch riffled  terrace boards 
Planed pine floor boards

Aged & brushed pine
floor boards

Siberian larch riffled
terrace boards