Other services

The main criteria when choosing the right construction type and a contractor are:

  • durability
  • quality
  • stability
  • functionality
  • construction time
  • price
  • aesthetic view
  • energy efficiency
  • ecology

UAB Gildera has all the necessary knowledge, equipment and tools which are used by its professional, enthusiastic team to reach and keep up with our goal – to exceed the expectations of each client for the quality of products and services. We state this confidently, because we can provide you a wide range of services and ensure that the house will meet all of your requirements from the design to interior finishing:


bullet We provide architectural design & consulting services for clients who find uniqueness, functionality and an aesthetical look an important part of the building. Our engineers use optimal solutions for each project to ensure that the house will be stable and durable, ecological and energy efficient.

bullet The wood is dried in chambers up to +/- 15% moisture content, which is a requirement for all structural timber used in construction to ensure stability and durability of a structure.

bullet The wood is cut in a joinery workshop. Whether it iscladding for your facade and interior, or structural timber for the house.

bullet We also offer the design and production of interior stairs, which can become an accent for the entire interior.

bullet Our experienced panel house production team ensures the quality and stability of a building by responsibly mounting each panel. Certified materials are used, and all the requirements and instructions are followed during the production process, so that the final product matches all declared values and is durable..
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bullet The assembly team quickly and with high quality assembles the house panels and installs the chosen façade finishing, roofing and rain drainage system. This work is very important to ensure house energy efficiency, its aesthetical look and durability.

bullet The interior finishing team will do their best to match the requirements of the client, from the mounting of gypsum boards to kitchen furniture assembly, so that you will be able to enjoy an aesthetic and comfortable home.

bullet In order to not only enjoy your home from the inside, but also when spending time outside on the terrace or the lawn – we offer solid wood outside furniture and pergolas.