Stairs are not only a functional part of a building – they can also change the “face” of a house , become the axis of composition and aesthetics for the space. UAB Gildera can offer such stairs – unique, exceptional and fitted for the exact interior.
According to client request we produce them from various types of wood. Different material compositions not only create an original look, but also allow matching the stairs with the overall interior of the house. Tempered glass, metal, granite or stone plates give the interior a modern look, while traditional wooden steps create a cosy environment. Transparent glass railings, metal stripes, bent metal tubes can be used to create a modern look to the house. Nowadays, studs have not only become a decorative accent, but also a load bearing structure for the stairs. Such a solution reduces the number of parts used, lightens the overall look and expresses the lightness of stair’s flow.

Below you will find some examples of our production: