Timber frame homes

Timber frame panel homes are a branch of traditional timber-frame houses, which first appeared in the 20th century. As the production technology evolved, offering better insulating qualities and faster construction process – they are being chosen by more and more people in various countries. As Scandinavian countries have had long years of experience with timber frame homes – we chose to use their standard as our base, adapting it for construction in various countries. In this way, it is essential to mark that we can always adapt our building standards in accordance to the requirements of the country that we work in.

Timber frame panel home construction process is divided into two parts : house production in the factory and assembly at the building site.

In UAB Gildera all the prefabricated / panelized home elements are first designed by special timber structure CAD programs, which ensure the preciseness of products and a smooth assembling process. After the timber is prepared and other materials, all having CE marking, are delivered to the factory – the wooden house is produced. Each element passes thorough quality control in the factory. As the panels are produced in a horizontal position and pressed by special presses – wooden house stability is ensured. Production takes place indoors and so the thermal insulation and strength properties are protected from adverse environmental impact, and this ensures the longevity of prefabricated houses. We also install the windows of chosen type to the panels before transportation.

House assembling at the building site is done by a team, who have more than 8 years’ of experience in this type of construction, enabling us to provide the shortest possible assemby time. We can also provide interior finishing works, roofing installation services and other services or materials that you might require for your project.


Modern wooden prefabricated houses are a change in the established traditions. Most panelized homes are cost-effective and have better values from an environmental point of view compared to log and brick houses. Wooden houses of the latest technology challenge the erroneous view of short duration, fire or thermal performance characteristics. Timber frame panel homes production is one of the fastest-evolving construction processes these days. New materials, technologies, and professional work have radically changed the traditional wooden house.

This advanced technology has established itself in the construction field for simple and rapid method of construction and environmental sustainability.

Sales manager Inga inga@gildera.lt