Architectural design and Engineering

Architectural and structural design solutions are often more important than the quality of construction, and this can be true vice versa – it depends on location, client requirements and the purpose of building. We know the principles and specifics of timber-frame panel house production – we can suggest the best solutions from the architectural and engineering point of view. If you are planning to build a house for yourself or are looking for a reliable partner to develop and realize a real estate project – we will help you find the optimal solution.

We understand that each and every situation is unique, so aiming for the best results we do not offer the purchase of a typical/repeated project; instead we suggest services of individual architectural and structural design.

Our engineers use a special timber structures’ CAD design program  SEMA, making a 3D model of all the building. Thus it enables them to foresee all details and joints precisely. Having the exact dimensions of the final product, clients can order the stairs and furniture in advance, and be sure that they will all fit in as planned. This way, a lot of precious time is saved, and a new home can be yours even faster than you imagined.

Below you will find sample project drawings:

Ground floor plan:


Roof plan