Panel house assembly

At the building site, the house is assembled by unloading the panels with a crane directly from the trailer, so the main house elements are placed in 1 to 2 weeks. Depending on the chosen facade finishing materials – overall assembly time is 3-5 weeks. After the main elements of the house are assembled, engineering systems (electrical, plumbing, etc.) can be installed and the interior finishing works can be started.
Panel house construction cost is reduced because of a lighter foundation and the short assembly cycle. A fixed construction period allows estimating the overall construction time precisely. This means thet the exact date for the end of construction and overall price can be planned well.If the client requests, we can deliver materials that are necessary for interior finishing work. And we can also provide interior finishing work services. In such case we can guarantee the highest level of interior finishing that will match your requirements. Interior stairs, doors, kitchen and bathroom furniture are produced according to individual design, chosen flooring materials and bathroom tiles – these are only a part of materials that we will deliver and install in your home.


  • High level of energy efficiency
  • Short construction time
  • Safe and durable structure
  • Ecological environment
  • Lightness of structure (simple foundation)
  • Thin walls structure – more usable area
  • High precision and quality of final product