Structural timber is produced from conifer wood. It is dried and then cut to the needed dimensions. Structural timber is used for traditional timber frame and modern panel house production, roof structures and other types of buildings. All structural timber can be provided in lengths of up to 6 m.

Wood drying

The wood for our products is dried in two 100 m3 capacity drying chambers. Structural timber is dried to a +/- 15 % moisture content, which is required for timber-frame construction. Wood drying may be described as the process of ensuring that dimensional changes through shrinkage are confined to the drying process. Ideally, wood is dried to the level that will ensure further dimensional change will be kept to a minimum. Dried timber is stronger than green timber in most strength properties. Dried timber is lighter, and the transportation and handling costs are reduced.

Planing / profiling /dimensioning the wood

Structural timber is cut with a four-side moulder in our factory. High cutting precision allows us to produce exact panels to the level that no adjustments are needed when assembling the house on site.


Glulam timber

We also produce glulam beams and columns. Glulam is a type of structural timber product comprising a number of layers of dimensioned timber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. By laminating a number of smaller pieces of timber, a single large, strong, structural member is manufactured from smaller pieces. These structural members are used as vertical columns or horizontal beams. The possible lengths of our glulam products – up to 13 m long.